Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need finance pre-approval?

Not at all! We have experienced staff available to help you create a comfortable budget for a new house and land package.

What do I need to do to secure a block?

If you see something you like, we we can work with you on a home design and once you are happy with it we can sign an Expression of Interest so contracts can be created.

What's involved in contract signing?

Our staff can talk you though the entire contract and explain it to you in easy to understand language. 

What happens once a contract is signed?

Contracts are sent to the land owner for approval. Once approved they are supplied to your nominated settlement agent and bank or broker.

Do I need finance approval?

Our land contracts are subject to finance approval from a bank. That means the bank will look through the contract, make sure the land is value for money, make sure you can afford the loan and only then will they loan you the money.

What happens if I don't have a settlement agent?

We can recomend one or a quick Google search will provide you with plenty of options. The settlement agent will help you with your contract and settlement.

What happens once the land is settled?

Congratulations, you offically own a piece of Peregrine land! Your builder can help you along the construction path.


Do you have any other questions? We're happy to take your call! You can chat to us on (08) 9249 4455 or