Style Trends in 2019

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One of the best parts of moving into a home is being able to furnish it. You can put your own unique style to express who you are. But if you’re not sure what to get, here are 6 trends that we expect to see in 2019.

  • Keen for Green: We’ve already expressed our love for indoor plants in a previous blog, and it looks like indoor plants are here to stay! Not only do they look great, but many plants are great for purifying the air to give your home a healthy feel.
  • Wood you like more?: Natural wood is a classic look and can instantly create a warm, spacious feel. While wooden floors are an obvious choice, incorporating tables or chairs can also provide a stunning appearance. For those feeling bold, trying mixing up different types of wood.
  • Grey, grey go away: A favourite for its neutral tone, grey has been a dominant colour of the past few years. However, a crisp white or bold black will become the new preferred options.
  • Big curves are beautiful: Furniture with a curved cut will be popular for sofas and armchairs. When matched with a bolder colour such as yellow or pink, they will give more personality to a room.
  • A statement ceiling: It’s no longer about the accent walls as ceilings are getting a makeover. Instead of a plain white, the use of wallpaper or contrasting colours will become more common throughout the year.
  • Make it personal: Whether it’s hand crafted or DIY accessories, items that have you have a personal connection to are an absolute must as they help set your home apart.


Keep in mind that these trends are inspiration only as the most important feature of any home is that you like it!

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