Renting vs Buying

  • Renting v Buying

It can be hard to make the decision to stop renting and buy your own home, but we believe it's worth it! We've listed out top 5 reasons that owning your home is better than renting.


1. Stability<br> Your landlord may not renew your lease after its term ends, forcing you to continuously search for new rentals. Home owning on the other hand provides stability, optimal for those looking to start a family.

2.  Build equity/investment<br> Home owning allows you to build equity as you pay down your mortgage. Plus you also get the option to make your home an investment by renting it out to others.

3. Freedom to personalise your home<br> The best part about home owning is the ability to customise it. You have full creative initiative when it comes to painting, wallpaper and interior design. 

4. No more rent increases<br> Rental payments may increase in accordance with the market, which can be difficult if you haven’t prepared for the possible increases in your budget.

5. Having no one to answer to<br> Wanting to adopt a new kitten? Well with home owning you can! There’s no landlord to check in with, therefore you can have as many pets as you like!


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