5 Tips for good property management

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As the Perth rental market starts to stabilise and vacancies decrease, how can you make your investment home stand out? We’ve listed our top 5 ways to make your home rent quickly and maximise its rental potential.


Dishwasher- As tenants increase their expectations of rental homes, the inclusion of a dishwasher can not only make your property stand out over others, but allow you to ask more in rent per week. An extra $5 a week may not sound like much, but as the average life of a dishwasher is between 9 and 12 years, it makes for a good return.

Air-conditioning or overheads fans- It’s no secret that Perth is hot, and when it’s 40 degrees outside everyone wants their home to be cool! While air-conditioning is preferred, overheads fans are another great way to keep the house cool.

A stand-out kitchen- A major advantage of building a new home is having a kitchen that looks great and is easy to use. With new fixtures, appliances that are covered under warranty and an abundance of shelving, a new kitchen is sure to get the attention of prospective tenants.

Storage- If there’s one thing Marie Kondo has taught us, is that households have too many items!  Tenants may be reluctant to throw out their belongings given their changing living situation, so ensuring there is enough storage is imperative. From linen cupboards to generous built-in robes, there are plenty of ways to create space.

Quality photos- You can have the best home on the street, but if your photos are blurry or upside down, potential tenants won’t look at it. While your property manager will organise photos, it’s important to remember to keep your house clean when being photographed (organising for your home to be professionally cleaned is worth it!).


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