Buying your first home? Here’s some advice from Peregrine Estate’s sales representative Neil Manning.

  • Buying your first home

If you are looking at buying your own home there are a number of things to consider to ensure you make the right choice. We asked Neil Manning for his top tips.


If you are like most first home buyers, you need every dollar you can to get into your new home – Let us do a comparison for you to show you your financial entitlements. Most of my clients find they save money by building a new home if they’re choosing and accessing the First Home Owner’s Grant (yes, even while renting), than if they were to buy an established home and not get the $10,000 Grant. Ask me to see if this is the same for you.

Are you time poor? – All of us are so busy these days, and finding the time to drive around to different suburbs and display homes is tiring and time consuming. I can assist by giving you a very transparent service where I can show you multiple options in terms of lenders, locations in Perth, and house designs and inclusions.

Think about your lifestyle – How do you live day-to-day, what are your plans for the future and how much is your budget will determine the home you buy. Will you need more or less room in the future? Is it important that you live close to family, work, parks, cafes and other recreational facilities? Consider how far you are prepared to live from schools and shops and if there is good access to transport.

Have realistic expectations – Getting into the housing market is a great step, so don’t worry if you can’t afford your dream home the first time you buy. Very few people buy just one home in their lifetime.

Understand the property and its surrounds – With my intimate knowledge of the property market I can help show you if there are any major developments planned in the vicinity, like new a highways or shopping centre infrastructure that could add enormously to the future value of the property.


For more information, you can find Neil at our sales office this weekend from 1-4pm.