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Choosing which school to send your child to is an important decision as it will shape their academic and social opportunities. Fortunately for Peregrine Estate residents, they fall within the boundaries of the new Aspiri Primary School and Harrisdale Senior High School.

Prospective parents will be interested to know that Harrisdale SHS is run by former Rossmoyne Principal Leila Bothams and Associate Principal Angie Thomas. Together with their team, they’ve outlined the school’s business plan for 2017-2019 to ensure they achieve high results in the NAPLAN testing.

Students on the other hand will be more excited by the two-storey café and library that is in the heart of the campus. By 2022, there will be a new Performing Arts, Music and Arts facility.

A series of artwork is on display throughout the school that showcases the theme of “networks”. These 3D sculptures contribute to the bright and vibrant atmosphere of the school, adding a unique feeling to the campus.

While currently catering only to years 7 and 8, the school will expand each year. By 2022, students will be enrolled in year 12.


📷: Harrisdale Senior High School