Sport, meetings, parties...?

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  • Piara Pavilion
  • Rossiter Pavilion (1)
  • Rossiter Pavilion (2)

We love a good pavilion. It’s a place where you can wind down after a long day of sport or wind-up for a special birthday party. It's a multi-purpose venue that you can use as you need and that's why we love that there are two pavillions close to Peregrine Estate!

Piara Waters Pavilion has everything to suit your needs. The first to be built in Piara Waters in 2014, it has a capacity of 150 people, plus a kitchen, servery, playground, microwave- even a dedicated car park for guests! It’s the perfect setting for when you don’t want to host an event at your house or in an outdoor park. It's a 4 minute drive at the intersection of Wright Road and Broadway Boulevard.

Even closer is Rossiter Pavilion which is under 1km away. Opposite the playing fields at Aspiri Primary School, the pavilion opened just this year and can fit 130 people. It's got the same cooking amenities as Piara Waters Pavilion plus a meeting room that can hold 25 people. And one of the best things about this pavlion is that it’s only a short walk from Peregrine Estate, meaning that functions can be held conveniently and easily!