History of Peregrine Estate and Piara Waters

  • Piara Waters History

Piara Waters has undergone a huge transformation over the past 10 years with more than 12,681 living here in 2018. But what was it before the urban development?

Well for starters, it was originally known as East Jandakot. In 1915, the area was renamed to Forrestdale to avoid confusion with Jandakot and to honour the state’s first premier, Sir John Forrest.

The Spearwood-Armadale Railway Line ran along the now Armadale Road, with the closest stations at Banjup and Forrestdale. The line operated from 1906 to 1964, although it was used for transporting agricultural goods and not people.

In 2006, the Census recorded only 94 people living in the area now known as Piara Waters. The land was still used for farming and there were only 37 homes.

From 2006 onwards, urban development started to take place. By 2011, there were 2,589 residents and 1,095 homes with the first school, Piara Waters Primary, opening in 2012.

While we’re not magicians and can’t see into the future, experts have predicted that Piara Waters may eventually be home to 21,569 people in 2036 (or 7,076 homes). Another school is proposed to be built in the suburb in addition to a mixed business/residential region alongside Nicholson Road.